A Secret Page

Reward for Finding this page: 5 Altairian Dollars and 1,000 Flanian Pobble Beads.

Write to: Evildrome Inland Revenue Centre, XXXZ5 Quantum Plural Zed, Plural X-ray

And enclose 1 Genuine People Personality as well as a Triganic Pu for postage.

Note: Pan-Galactic Gargle Blasters may not be sent via Royal Mail due to their high degree of toxicity and corrosiveness. Further, souvenirs of Disaster Area concerts will also be considered to be unfit for postage due to the potential radioactivity that they may expose persons to. This extends to Disaster Area recordings as well which are considered to be hazardous on both artistic and auditory volume grounds. It is advised that any recordings of Disaster Area be transported in soundproofed nuclear flasks as a result. 

Sub-Ether connections now cost 5 Altarian Dollars per standard Sqournshellous Zeta day. Failure to pay will result in immediate disconnection from the Sub-Ether systems and may precipitate a Shoe-Event-Horizon occurring on your current planet of residence. 

Currently One Flanian Pobble Bead will allow for the purchase of One Flanian Pobble Bead.